Le sac du Berger | The five crafts of the workshop
The five crafts of the workshop : Saddlery - Leather goods - Bootmaker - Clothes making - Woolen skin
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The five crafts of the workshop

At the heart of the Sac du Berger’s workshop, five leather and wool crafts coexist and work together. However, following the principles of craftsmanship, each person realizes their artwork from beginning to end. The visits set up by the workshop (every day at 3:30 pm from June to October, other periods upon appointment) enable people to approach the methods and techniques used in leather working.



Originally, the Saddler made saddles and harnesses for the horses and in our region of the Cévennes, he was also asked by shepherds to manufacture bags. In our workshop, the Saddler mainly manufactures the Shepherd’s bag, in five sizes and three colors (fawn, black and red).

The shepherd’s bag is a bag that has not changed shape nor manufacturing technique for at least two centuries if not three. It is cut in full grain cowhide leather, dyed full aniline and waterproofed in bath.

Thirty pieces of leather need to be cut and assembled to manufacture this bag. A central part in rigid and thick leather ensures its structure. The outer part is made of a very soft leather and uses a finishing technique called “curling”: a leather band 3cm wide which is sewn on the outer parts of the bag that are most exposed to friction.

The bag is mounted inside out, the pieces being assembled with a very large seam. Once the bag is turned over again, the seam is inside and thus protected from wear. The balance between rigid and soft leathers, between structure and movement, is certainly the secret of the bag’s durability over decades if not centuries.


Leather goods

The leather worker creates a wide range of luggage  and small leather goods, for leisure or professional use.

Each item is made of full grain cowhide leather and fully lined with pork leather to guarantee its solidity and nobility.

The workshop is involved in the repurposing of skin scraps resulting from cutting parts off of the largest items. These pieces are used in the manufacture of small leather goods. Slitting these pieces of thick leather allows us to obtain a finer and more flexible leather. Then all pieces of the object are processed to prepare the edges before sewing.

Special sewing machines for leather are then necessary.

Proud of its know-how, the Sac du Berger works with other French partner businesses. For example we produce leather belts for our partner: Tuffery jeans workshop.



The Bootmaker manufactures both closed leather shoes for the winter and sandals for the summer. Cut in full grain cowhide leather, and entirely hand-assembled, the shoes and sandals of our workshop provide exceptional walking comfort in any situation..

The leathers used are tinted full aniline and waterproofed in bath, the outsoles are in “Vibram”, a rubber of very high quality. Using the Blake stitch when assembling pieces allows the seams inside the shoe to be made from one side to the other.

We provide after-sales service for all the products we make, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quotation for a repair.


Clothes making

When driving his cattle, the shepherd traditionally carries a single bag as unique luggage, but he is also equipped with a cape made of pure felted wool, waterproof and windproof, which provides comfort and warmth when he spends the night outdoors, by his herd.

The Shepherd’s overcoat as well as the other capes and jackets in felted wool, leather or woollen skin are made in the workshop.

It is possible to make changes to an existing model of clothes. However, a feasibility study and an estimate of the extra cost will be done beforehand.


Woollen skin

Woollen skin is tanned sheep skin with its wool, also known as “double-skinned skin”.

Sheepskin leather with a “peach skin” touch is tanned with wool for incomparable softness and warmth.

Lined slippers, vests for adults or children, mittens, gloves … woollen skin keeps even those who feel the cold more warm throughout the seasons.

It brings warmth and comfort while letting your skin breathe.